Saturday, 1 October 2011

Taiyou No Uta (Movie)


xmo cakap banyak ! meh tgok sinopsis dia.gerenti cite dia best...

A girl who can only live at night and a high school student who loves to surf as the sun rises…The two had nothing in common…Kaoru Amane (YUI), 16 years old, did not attend school but instead sang herself away every night after dark at a square in front of a train station with a guitar in her hands. She led a lifestyle opposite the norm, sleeping during the day and active at night. Kaoru was suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), an illness, which also might be described as the allergy to the sun, and was not allowed to be exposed to sunlight. The only motivation in her life was singing, which also was the only connection to the outside world. One day, an incident drastically changes her life…Kaoru returns home at 4:00 am, before sunrise. Outside her room window, she spots a high school student, Koji Fujishiro  (Takashi Tsukamoto) standing with a surf board in his hands. It becomes her routine to watch him and his friends come and go to the ocean every morning, before going to sleep..


aku penah dengar ost cite ni.penyanyi asal dia pelakon dlm cite ni jugak iaitu YUI. dia mmg asalnya seorg penyanyi. banyak da lagu dia main. lagu lebih kepada anime. antaranya Bleach dll. orgnya yg comel begitu jgk suaranya. minat sgt2 gan dia ni!

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